Finnish Cheese Company Ltd.

Finnish Cheese Company, located in Jämsä, is Finland’s only specialized manufacturer for gourmet spreads.

Silva process cheese spreads are made with the finest ingredients: real smoked reindeer, fresh garlic and black trumpet mushrooms. In addition to Silva we also offer ILO Hummus-vegetarian spreads.

Our product range includes the grated cheeses and slices as well as specialty cheeses.

Is your partner for innovative, high quality and tailor made cheese spreads, hummus and processed cheeses for supermarkets, catering and food service. We manufacture a large selection of cheese and vegetable spreads in accordance with our customers’ individual wishes. Our top priority is to supply high quality, innovative products.

For more information in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Jokilaakson Juusto Oy/
Finnish Cheese Company Ltd
Juustotie 12, 42100 JÄMSÄ FINLAND
tel. +358 40 031 4214

Managing Director/industrial sales
Esa Luomanperä
tel. +358 400 426 187

Please take a virtual journey to our factory in Jämsä, Finland. Watch the video below.

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Please check out our selection of cheese and vegetable spreads below:

ILO Coconen

Creme De Cheese

ILO Hummus

Jokipoika Processed cheeses

SILVA 125g, 200g and 400g pasteurized cheese spreads

Silva – Gourmet Cheese Spread