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Cheese products made in Jämsä for over 20 years

Jokilaakson Juusto is a small and agile company that has found its place among large companies during its twenty years of operation.

We serve both the food industry and consumers in a truly customer-oriented manner. We seek solutions for various needs together with our customers.

Authentic flavors are the starting point for product development. Superb ingredients and simple, traditional recipes are our cornestones.

We have received several recognitions and won awards in Finland and worldwide. For example we were People´s Choice in European Organic Food Innovation Award of 2019 and a finalist of World Plant-Based Awards in 2020.

“We are continuously on the look-out for new trends, and developing and experimenting with them” –Managing Director Esa Luomanperä.

How it all started

Our factory is located in Jämsä, with convenient transport connections. Jämsä was naturally selected as an establishment, as the local cheese processing tradition extends far. In the 1960s, the local creamery was the first to start packaging ready-to-sell cheese in Finland. Cheese packaging operations continued in Jämsä until 1997. Jokilaakson Juusto Oy’s production began in 2004.

We started from scratch: there were no machines, suppliers, staff, let alone consumers, Luomanperä says

Production facilities and electronic control systems have been constantly renewed and developed. Production lines have been modernized and new lines introduced. Thanks to this, our product range has expanded considerably. Our competent and committed staff is our most important resource. Everyone does everything. This increases both the meaning of the work and the flexibility of our production. We are proud that turnover in staff is low. We have a bit more than twenty employees.

For us, quality is paramount

We received the ISO 22000 certificate in 2010

The entire staff participated in the development of the quality system. ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Management System, which includes e.g. interactive communication, comprehensive documentation, systems management and risk management in which food-related risks are minimized. The certificate is proof of a proactive approach to food safety.

With the certificate, the management of internal processes has become more efficient and the risks of failures have been minimized. It has helped in focusing on key food security challenges. The certificate has increased consumer and customer confidence, transparency and improved our competitiveness.

Striving for continuous quality development and the desire to remain competitive in the changing market situation, we expanded our quality system to the FSSC 22000 certificate in May 2015.

Oiva control

Oiva is a publication system for food-control information coordinated by the Finnish Food Authority. Oiva encourages companies to ensure their food hygiene and product safety. In everyday operations Oiva is the most visible in publishing Oiva reports of inspections conducted by the food inspectors. Inspections are carried out in accordance with the Oiva evaluation guidelines. Oiva is based on the valid regulations as set forth in the food legislation, and no additional requirements are placed on a company’s operation or the operator’s responsibilities when following the Oiva system instructions. Oiva harmonises inspection practices throughout Finland.

Please find our Oiva control report here.

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