Ilo Cashew White Mold Organic 120g (Ve)

Fall in love with vegan Ilo Cashew White Mold cheese!

Ilo Cashew White Mold is a delicious treat, a vegan alternative for white mold cheese. This delicacy is made from organic cashew nuts with traditional cheese manufacturing process by fermenting the cashew pulp and coating it with authentic white mold.

For a great taste you can combine Ilo Cashew White Mold eg. with crackers and fig jam or trendy cherry jam!

Ilo Cashew White Mold is 100 % plant-based and hand made, milk and gluten free organic delicacy!


Organic CASHEW, water, culture, salt, white mold culture.

Nutritional value/100g

Energy 1525 kJ/367 kcal, fat 28,6 g, which of saturated fats 5,6 g, carbohydrates 14,8 g, which of sugar 0,6 g, protein 12,6 g, salt 1,1 g.

Storage instructions

+2 – +6 °C.