Jokilaakson Juusto Brown Butter 200 g

Brown Butter by Jokilaakson Juusto is the only brown butter product on the Finnish market!

The brown butter has been roasted for long to offer nutty and slightly caramel-flavoured taste. The color of the butter is light brown and it has brown pieces.

Brown butter works perfectly as a sauce with fish and vegetables. It is also delicious when frothed to add on top of bread.

The product is lactose and gluten free.


Butter, milk powder. The origin of milk: Several EU countries.

Nutritional value/100g

Energy 3685 kJ/884 kcal,
Fat 97 g which of saturated fats 67,9 g
Carbohydrates 1,5 g which of sugars 1,5 g
Protein 1,1 g
Salt 0 g
Lactose 0 g


Storage instructions

+2 – +8°C.

For resellers

EAN: 6430016340403

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Clarified butter also goes well with baking and in buttered coffee.

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